Electronic warfare (EW)

The use of energy, such as radio waves or lasers, to disrupt or disable the enemy’s electronics. An example would be frequency jamming to disable communication equipment.


The use of a code to convert plain text to cipher text.


The use of a cipher to protect information, making it unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the key to decode it.


A collective term for internet-capable computer devices connected to a network – for example, modern smartphones, laptops and tablets are all endpoints.

Ethical hacking

The use of hacking techniques for legitimate purposes – i.e. to identify and test cyber security vulnerabilities. The actors in this instance are sometimes referred to as ‘white hat hackers’.


The transfer of information from a system without consent.


The act of taking advantage of a vulnerability in an information system. Also used to describe a technique that is used to breach network security.

Exploit kit

Computer programs designed to discover vulnerabilities in software apps and use them to gain access to a system or network. Once they have infiltrated a system they will feed it with harmful code.



A virtual boundary surrounding a network or device that is used to protect it from unwanted access. Can be hardware or software.

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