A wabbit is one of four main classes of malware, among viruses, worms and Trojan horses. It's a form of computer program that repeatedly replicates on the local system. Wabbits can be programmed to have malicious side effects. A fork bomb is an example of a wabbit: it's a form of DoS attack against a computer that uses the fork function. A fork bomb quickly creates a large number of processes, eventually crashing the system. Wabbits don't attempt to spread to other computers across networks.

Water-holing (watering hole attack)

Setting up a fake website (or compromising a real one) in order to exploit visiting users.

Watering hole

Watering hole is the name of a computer attack strategy that was detected as early as 2009 and 2010.
The victim is a particular, very targeted group, such as a company, organisation, agency, industry, etc. The attacker spends time gaining strategic information about the target: for example, observing which legitimate websites are more often visited by the members of the group. Then the attacker exploits a vulnerability and infects one of those trusted websites with malware, without the knowledge of the site's owner.
Eventually, someone from that organisation will fall into the trap and their computer will be infected, giving the attacker access to the target's entire network. These attacks work because of the constant vulnerabilities in website technologies, even with the most popular systems, such as WordPress, making it easier than ever to compromise websites without being noticed.


Highly targeted phishing attacks (masquerading as a legitimate emails) that are aimed at senior executives.

White team

A group responsible for refereeing an engagement between a Red Team of mock attackers and a Blue Team of actual defenders of information systems.


A list of entities that are considered trustworthy and are granted access or privileges.


A self-replicating, self-propagating, self-contained program that uses networking mechanisms to spread itself.

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