Unauthorised access

Any access that violates the stated security policy.

URL injection

A URL (or link) injection is when a cyber criminal creates new pages on a website owned by someone else that contain spam words or links. Sometimes, these pages also contain malicious code that redirects your users to other web pages or makes the website's web server contribute to a DDoS attack. URL injection usually happens because of vulnerabilities in server directories or software used to operate the website, such as an outdated WordPress or plugins.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

An encrypted network often created to allow secure connections for remote users, for example in an organisation with offices in multiple locations.


Programs that can self-replicate and are designed to infect legitimate software programs or systems. A form of malware.


A weakness, or flaw, in software, a system or process. An attacker may seek to exploit a vulnerability to gain unauthorised access to a system.

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